Adventurer Marine Computers and Accessories


Garmin 17HVS GPS receiver, 12 channel WAAS enabled                          $259    specs
TV/FM tuner with mpeg2 recording functions                     $159    specs
12 vdc to 120 vac inverter  140watts         $55  
12 vdc to 19 vdc adapter (for Advantage 4 Computer)         $130  
RF handheld mouse (30 ft. range)         $69  specs
RF handheld mouse (100 ft range)         $199  specs
3.5″ usb floppy disk drive         $75  
multiple mouse adapter         $66  
multiple monitor adapter (amplified and 12VDC powered)         $129  
usb 2.0 hub         $49  


 Apex                    basic configuration, computer and Win XP Pro $2495 P4 3.0GHZ,800MHZ FSB, 60GB HDD, 1GB dual channel Ram, DVD/RW
 Advantage 4         basic configuration, computer and Win XP Pro $1995 P4 3.0GHZ,800MHZ FSB, 80GB HDD, 512MB dual channel Ram, DVD
 Advantage            basic configuration, computer and Win XP home $1399 20GB HDD, 256MB Ram, DVD,1.2GHZ PIII
Complete Premium Marine Systems 


 Application Modules and Hardware

Interphase PCView Forward Scanning Sonar  start at $1995  specs
Nobeltec RADARpc with chart overlay and radar unlocking code  start at $1800  specs
Video monitoring kit with tilt/pan and internet software (203) 734-4163 call
Video camera, submersible, black and white or color with built in infra-red led’s


Video camera, submersible, dual sensor, color and  black and white with 12 or 24 built in infra-red led’s


Seaview underwater video cameras and systems  (only the cameras are needed to use with our computers) 

 start at $115


Night Vision infrared cameras

start at $250


Virtual Instrument Displays

CruzPro SEAvis virtual instrument display       NA  specs

 Chartplotting Software    

Fugawi GPS Mapping Software

Starting at $99, Fugawi ENC with free NOAA Vector charts for $199

The complete line of Nobeltec software at the lowest advertised prices

Visual Navigation Suite, Passport Deluxe Charts, Tides and Currents


CruzPro Instruments and Gages  

The complete line of CruzPro intelligent instruments 

   click here for info

LCD Monitors

42″ Gas Plasma TV/ Monitor $3799 specs
Twin LCD Monitor Side by Side Pedestal Mount $450 specs
LCD Monitor Mounting Arm $229 specs
Daylight Monitors 15″ – 17″     700 – 800 nit  touch screen optional   starting at $995  specs
Daylight 15″ TV/Monitor          500:1 contrast  800nit $1195 specs
Industrial Rated 15″ Daylight Monitor $1895 specs
Waterproof, Rugged LCD monitors starting at $2450  specs
Stateroom TV/Monitor 17″      500:1 contrast  270nit $795  specs
Pilothouse monitor 15″           450:1 contrast  300nit  $520  specs



In 1999, AR Engineering was founded with cutting edge technology The MPS Adventurer